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Women's Sexy Skinny Jumpsuit Nightclub Skin Set

Women's Sexy Skinny Jumpsuit Nightclub Skin Set

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Item No.: CY1201

Year of listing season: Spring 2020

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Product Code: CY1201 product weight: about 0.36KG product material: milk Silk

english size chart

cm (cm)
Bust S:82cm M:87cm L:92cm XL:97cm XXL:102cm
Waist S:66cm M:71cm L:76cm XL:81cm XXL:86cm
Hip S:84cm M:89cm L:94cm XL:99cm XXL:104cm
BottomLength S:99cm M:100cm L:101cm XL:102cm XXL:103cm
SleeveLength S:59cm M:60cm L:61cm XL:62cm XXL:63cm
Length S:56cm M:57cm L:58cm XL:59cm XXL:60cm

Bust S:32.28" M:34.25" L:36.22" XL:38.19" XXL:40.16"
Waist S:25.98" M:27.95" L:29.92" XL:31.89" XXL:33.86"
Hip S:33.07" M:35.04" L:37.01" XL:38.98" XXL:40.94"
BottomLength S:38.98" M:39.37" L:39.76" XL:40.16" XXL:40.55"
SleeveLength S:23.23" M:23.62" L:24.02" XL:24.41" XXL:24.8"
Length S:22.05" M:22.44" L:22.83" XL:23.23" XXL:23.62"

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